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We raise the bar!

BAAR Consulting is a human-centric marketing consultancy. Our mission is to be critical in helping small to mid-size businesses raise the bar and bring their products and services to market through the power of technology, creativity, and people. ​


About Us

About Us 

BAAR Consulting has been helping Black-owned businesses, and brands disrupt the market, successfully deliver their products and services and drive ROI-positive results for ten years. Not only do we specialize in solutions to bring your ideas to life and attract the people that will benefit we also work directly with you in-house to develop and execute your go-to-market plans. 


Our Obsession 

We’re kind of competitive, type A and totally into being all about business. We are obsessed with helping you maximize your opportunity. 


Our Foundation

Our foundation is our passion for creativity, technology and people. We are deeply committed to advancing equitable experiences  through our work.  


Our Experience  

We've been moving and shaking since 2011. We've helped over 200 Black-owned businesses introduce their products, scale their business and deliver ROI-positive results.


Work With Us  

Whether project-specific or global, consultancy-of-record work, BAAR Consulting is uniquely positioned to deliver strategic, growth-minded, and results-driven services.

Let's partner together to: 

  • Business Consulting -  Operationalize your business to launch your unique product and services in market

  • Creative Services - Tell your story and amplify your message 

  • Go-to-market Strategy - Develop, launch and scale your product in market 

Got a Project? Tell us everything.

Our Work 

Minority Millenials 

Social Media Card  Design

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Event Branding 


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Alicia A. Ray Studios 

Ecommerce Website Design

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The power of technology,  creativity, and people...

"I am in the business of creating lavish events for my customers and needed a logo and website that would highlight my work and help me secure new customers. Baar Consulting helped me to design a brand identity and website that was aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to update. "

Co-Founder and Design Director / Sensational Moments, NY 

A simple guide to five post pandemic digital marketing trends.

A guide to five digital trends to help you connect with your audience in a post pandemic world + insight into what’s actually driving each trend.

What does it take to raise the bar? 
Ready to raise the bar? Drop us a line and let us know what you need help with so you can focus on what you do best! Let's Go! 

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